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We are here to foster your interests as you cultivate your passion for ultrasound. Our ultrasound trained faculty have a wide range of interests and areas of focus. 


We promote co-collaborate and will provide the mentorship.

For that reason, no fellowship year is the same.

Core Ultrasound Requirements:

  • Weekly Scan Shifts

  • Monthly ABEM AEUS Board Review

  • Fellowship Director-Led QA Sessions

  • Lead Educational Activities

  • Immersive Resuscitative TEE Curriculum

  • Facilitate and participate in  journal club

  • Conduct and participate ultrasound didactics

  • Perform and lead cross disciplinary education for RN, APPs

Clinical Work

  • 8 clinical shifts per month

  • Each Fellows expected to perform a minimum 1000 scans.

  • Multiple Scanning Environments - ED, Pediatric ED, ICU, OR

  • Social Media Projects

  • National leadership opportunities

  • Supported time for 1 National Conference/year


Academic Activities:

  • Initial Appointment as Clinical Instruction LLUSOM

  • Provide Resident education sessions

  • Medical student education in multiple learning

  • Support Teaching for EM Resident Academic Calendar - lectures, small groups, immersive simulation, Q&A


Resuscitation Track:

  • Preparation for completion Special Competency in Critical Care Echocardiography, NBE

  • Critical Care scanning

  • CTICU & Perioperative Elective TEE/Rescue 

  • Fluid status rounds with US fellowship trained faculty

  • Scholarly project in cutting edge Resuscitative US Application

Pain Management/Regional Anesthesia Track:

  • Complete minimum of 50 Core Regional Anesthesia Blocks - Upper and Lower Extremities.  

  • Complete minimum of 25 Advanced Regional Anesthesia Trunk Block/Thoracic - Serratus Anterior Block, Erector Spinae Plane Block ; Brachial Plexus

  • Fellows lead and conduct Faculty Development in Nerve Block Competency

  • Conduct QA or Research Project, Ultrasound Guided Regional Pain

  • NYSORA Course

Global Health Track

  • Master in Ultrasound applications in RLS settings

  •  Develop & Implement RLS Ultrasound Curriculum

  • Develop international Global health network

  • Develop Needs Assessment

  • Conduct Academic projects in conjunction with international Emergency Medicine Programs in Rwanda, Mozambique, Vietnam, Nepal

  • London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene - Certificate



Further  Opportunities

  • POCUS 101 educational content creation

  • Nerve block training sessions in the cadaver lab

  • MSK ultrasound in the family medicine clinic

  • RDMS/ RDCS credentialing

  • Develop Simulation Cases in World Class Simulation Center



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